Name the SNL extras (and guests), volume 2

I thought I'd try to get a few more names to faces here:


Burl Ives Fan: This extra has a small speaking role at the end of "Viewer Letter" in the Robert Blake show (Eddie Murphy dispelling that he hates white people like his Tyrone Green character).

Hallway Blondes: Right at the beginning of the Drew Barrymore show, these two extras get a few seconds of airtime before Brad Hall and Joe Piscopo enter the scene.


Garage Band drummer: The bearded guy.  (Hey Late Show fans, that's Tom "Bones" Malone with the bass!) [Addendum: Identified! He's Malone's personal assistant Barry Nicholls]

Guest singers, 11/05/88: The SNL Band would occasionally have a guest musician sitting in with them, and they would normally be acknowledged during the goodnights, or at least credited with the SNL Band personnel.   I've been trying to identify this trio of doo-wop singers for a long time now.