Name the SNL extras

As part of my research for the SNL Archives, I go through old episodes to see if I can identify writers, crew, and various other production staff, especially if they are used prominently in sketches.  I was wondering if anyone reading can confirm the identities of some of these staffers:


Nerdy writer guy: seen in the cold opening of Howard Hesseman / Men At Work (original air 10/23/1982).  If I had to guess out of anyone on the writing staff it would be Tracy Torme but I can't say for sure if it is him. [ADDENDUM: Identified! It's writer Paul Barrosse.]

Grey-haired lady: seen prominently in season 2 (particularly in Hollywood Bingo as "Joanie" who "eats food").  I've spotted her around other sketches; I believe that's her in the Fred Willard cold opening as the uncomfortable woman sitting next to Bill Murray as Honker, and I've even seen her in the Hesseman cold opening that the "nerdy writer" cap comes from. [ADDENDUM: Identified!  It's costume designer Karen Roston]

Ski Lodge extras: there's a prominent extra playing Vicky Lazlo (top picture, far left with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Eddie Murphy), but she doesn't have lines. [Addendum: Identified!  It's talent executive Laurie Zaks] There are two that have lines, though: "But, Rick, what about Vail?" (middle picture, standing in background) and "But Rick, what about Sun Valley?" (bottom picture, in purple).

This is not really important by any stretch of the imagination, but I figured I'd throw the questions out there.